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Knapweed: July’s Weed of the Month

Hood River County has many kinds of knapweed, but the three most commonly found are Spotted, Diffuse and Meadow.  Although slightly different, they all have similar impacts on the environment. Knapweed readily out-competes grasses and… read more

Puncturevine: June’s Weed of the Month

Puncturevine is a sprawling annual plant that forms a dense mat with very sharp, spiny seed heads. This nasty weed has infiltrated Hood River County from the east.  Also known as goathead, puncturevine has branched stems that can spread up… read more

Watershed Group Meeting

Powerdale Recreation and Access Plan Presentation The lower Hood River is a local favorite destination for fishing, walking, swimming, or just enjoying nature close to home.  But which public uses are actually allowed, how is the land being… read more

Simple Tips for Water Wise Irrigating

During the summer months when water use is at its peak, some local streams and rivers experience low stream flows that can harm fish and wildlife.  You can do your part to alleviate this problem by eliminating water waste.  Here are 10 water-wise… read more

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