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Want to learn about what has been happening with the Hood River SWCD and Watershed Group recently?  Interested in upcoming events and deadlines?  Check out the eNews here!  We’ve got updates on events, meetings, and volunteer opportunities.… read more

English Ivy: September’s Weed of the Month

English ivy is a rapidly growing evergreen vine. You typically see it growing on hillsides and climbing trees, over fences, and up the sides of houses. English ivy can kill large trees by suffocating their trunks and weighing down branches. … read more

Prep Now for Winter Livestock Care

For those of you with livestock, fall is a great time to prepare for the wet winter months ahead.  Most of us tend to accept mud and seasonal run-off as a part of winter.  But the truth of the matter is you can avoid most mud problems by taking a few… read more

Knotweed: August’s Weed of the Month

Knotweed is another horribly invasive plant unleashed on the countryside by gardeners attracted to its ornamental qualities.  Often mistaken for bamboo, knotweed grows to 15 feet tall with 2.5 foot long leaves.  Stems are hollow with… read more

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