Minimize a Mess from Livestock During the Spring Melt

Rapid snowmelt and rainfall may be causing headaches for many livestock owners this spring.  With all this water, it can be challenging to manage animal waste so that it does not mix with snowmelt and runoff and enter surface water.  Now is a great time for livestock owners to re-evaluate their facilities to establish conditions that divert clean water away from areas with mud and manure to minimize mixing of the snow melt and surface runoff with manure.

Mud is more than just a mess or nuisance. Snow melt and spring rains can cause soil to run-off into nearby water bodies which can degrade water quality.  Severe erosion can be quite dangerous resulting in loss of land and property.  Additionally, muddy areas can be unhealthy for you, livestock and wildlife.  Animals standing or walking though mud can be exposed to foot and other health problems.  These moist areas are also breeding grounds for bacteria, flies, and other insects.  But, by following some simple land management practices you can minimize these and other potential mud problems on your property.

Clean water, less mud, and drier, healthier livestock are the result of following these simple management practices. Please join the effort to keep our creeks, rivers and streams healthy.  Technical help, advice and cost assistance is available.  Contact us for more information!

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